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My books have arrived!

My books have arrived!.

I waited a long time for my books to arrive in the mail and now finally they have. I am so excited and I think I have sold 3 or 4 already. Thanks for your support.


Is Publish America a scam?

I was discouraged to read blogs about Publish America saying that new authors don’t get their books in bookstores because they’re overpriced and they don’t have return policy if your book doesn’t sell . If you sign a contract with them you’re stuck with them for at least seven years. I signed a contract with them and I think I’m on the hook for ten years. I will have to sell the books I ordered just to get some of my money back from ordering them. I have other books in the series but I think I’ll go with Lulu.com . I published myself an e book version of my story. If you’re interested in my book you can order it atGizmo and Ellen Mysteries- The Case of the Missing Boy

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