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About Me

About Me.

I am a mother and grandmother. I live in Edmonton,Alberta, Canada. I also lived in Alberta Beach, a small summer village west of Edmonton. I was inspired there to write stories about my dog and I as we explored the town. Gizmo is my dog’s name and my story’s character is modeled after him. Ellen is me as a little girl. I wrote a series of Gizmo and Ellen mysteries and will publish them soon so stayed tuned or follow me on my blog or Twitter. @ellengizmo


Gizmo and Ellen Mysteries


Gizmo and Ellen Mysteries

This blog will be about a series of children’s stories I wrote while I lived in Alberta Beach, Alberta, Canada.

The first story in the series was published by Publish America just this past month and I’ve seen what it will look like through my e mail so I ordered some copies and am anxiously awaiting their arrival in the mail. I am trying to get the word out to people about my book. I’m hoping the book will come before Christmas because it will make a great Christmas present for kids. The title is Gizmo and Ellen Mysteries – The Case of the Missing Boy.







201317174554.jpg is where you can order a copy of the book.